Ajit Ranade

Ajit Ranade

Ajit Ranade is group executive president and chief economist at Aditya Birla Group, whose businesses include metals, mining, chemicals, textiles, and cement, as well as telecom, retail, insurance, and asset management. Previously, Dr. Ranade was at ABN Amro Bank. He has served on many committees and councils, including the Capital Convertibility Committee and the FEMA Review Committee of the Reserve Bank of India; the Governing Council of the Banking Codes and Supervisory Board of India; and the board of governors of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, among others. A frequent contributor to the business press on economic, social, and political topics, Dr. Ranade is the recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Bombay in 2009, the Scholar of the Year Award from Wadia Trust in 2010, and the Ramchandra Parnerkar Economics Award in 2012. He is a cofounder and trustee of the Association for Democratic Reforms, an NGO working in the areas of electoral and political reforms. Dr. Ranade holds a PhD in economics from Brown University.

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