Mihir A. Desai


The Wisdom of Finance – Mihir Desai in conversation with Paul Smith, CFA

Mizuho Financial Group Professor of Finance, Harvard Business School
Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

  • Explains the deep connection between finance and morality where both worlds are animated by the same question: how do we pursue and create value
  • Shows the origins of the financial value creation in the “non-finance” world through entertaining case studies from literature, history, philosophy, music, movies, theater, and comedy
  • Finance is being demonized by many people who don’t fully understand the underlying ideas and that demonization is quite counterproductive, as finance is too important to society to be caricatured in simplistic ways
  • The easiest way into these ideas is through stories and the best hope for fixing finance is to reconnect practitioners to the humanity of the underlying ideas of finance.

Paul Smith, CFA
President and CEO, CFA Institute